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Gålö Havsbad is an resort on the main land in the Stockholm arhiepelago, located just around the corner from the beach, viewing the local farmers fields and the lush forest with its rich wildlife,
The cabins are scattered in the national protected forest and have a variety of  facilities-from the simple campincottage with a water tap on the outside or the newly built cabins with all the  facilities requierd by the modern family.
In high season Gålö is  filled with childrens laughter and our guests often find new friends both from Sweden and abroad.
However, after a long day out in the nature or in Stockholm, we want to provide a relaxing and peaceful environment for all our guests to enjoy.
Here, You can explore the Swedish countryside and the archiepelagao  only 30 min. drive away from Stockholm.
                                Welcome to enjoy the simple pleasures of holiday with modern facilities.

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Gålö Havsbad

Skälåkersvägen 11

13796 Gålö

Phone: +46 (0)8 500 338 80

E-mail: info@galohavsbad.se

Phone us:
+46 8 500 338 80
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Skälåkersvägen 11 13796 Gålö

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